Thursday, June 28, 2007

Email phrases to avoid

As I read a book about Email - yes, there is an entire book about email, who knew? - I came across this list:

Stupid (and Real) Email Phrases That Wound up in Court

2. Do NOT tell Joe.
3. Can we get away with it?
4. They'll never find out.
5. I have serious concerns.
6. I don't care what the [heck] you do*
7. This might not be legal.

These just tickled my funny-bone today. I especially liked numbers 2 & 4. Reminds me of two small girls I happen to know...

Stage whisper from 2 feet away from me, "Don't tell Mom".

The book is called Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home, by David Shipley & Will Schwalbe. So if you have any pressing issues concerning email you might look it up. Or not. What on earth can a book tell you about emaling that you, the intrepid Blog reader, don't already know? I know I read it, but I'll read almost anything.

I suppose if I ever get an email using one of the above phrases I'm now duty bound to contact the authorities. I'm just letting you know in case anyone ever planned to include me in a conspiracy. I'm not your girl. I'm a tattler from way back. Just ask my poor sisters (known around here as Lulu & Princess). I follow the rules even when there are none. I actually make up rules for fun.

I found rules I had no idea existed in this book. Things concerning who to cc in emails, who to bcc, when to forward...Not that I'll ever need anything like this. Most of my email goes to the previously mentioned sisters and also to Prince Charming. Who actually, you know, lives with me. But I still like to email him. Now I'm thinking I should try to find a way to work one of these phrases into the emails I send him although I can pretty much guarantee that any email that uses the phrase, "I have serious concerns" is going to send my beloved running. Because it will no doubt concern such fun topics as potty training, discipline problems, or budget issues.

*I edited this one

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