Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Cowgirls

Just to show I wasn't making this stuff up here's the photographic proof. We didn't take any of Tigger in her full regalia but trust me - it was a sight glorious to behold.

Sweet Pea Cowgirl Princess

The Tiggerific Cowgirl

(Don't mess with Texas or Tigger...)

The Pollyanna Cowgirl

Complete with Why-are-you-taking-pictures-now expression!)

Cowgirl sisters, ready for another night of ridin' the ranges, roping some dogies, gatherin' round the chuck wagon...or just more VBS, but the first way sounded better.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I absolutely adore the pictures of your little cowgirls !!!!!! I was HOPING and HOPING you took some pictures for us to see !!!!!!!!!! :)

Thanks a ton ! They are darling !!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures. How adorable!Can't believe how big Sweet Pea is!!!


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