Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WFMW - Reading Routine

I love to read. I mean I really love to read. I just finished my 65th book for the year. Sharing my love of reading and words with my children is important to me. So in addition to whatever little books I get talked into sharing, we have a reading routine, to be sure we get a variety of literature.

At nap time we read poems. We've read several different versions of Mother GoosesBeatrix Potter Nursery Rhymes, and Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses (our favorite) among others.

At supper Prince Charming reads a Bible story to all of us.

At bedtime we read a picture book or a short picture book and part of a chapter book. We've been through Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, and 4 Little House books.

During the day we occasionally read something else. We've been reading board books to Sweet Pea. The girls like to "pretend read" their favorite stories to their baby sister. Pretty soon Polly will be reading for real and the main reason she's working hard to learn how is so she can read to her sisters. I like to read age appropriate non-fiction to them, too, but not as bedtime stories.

So there you have it: a reading routine works for us! Find more great Works for me Wednesday tips at Rocks in my Dryer, hosted by Shannon!
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oh amanda said...

I love to read, too. Making it a part of your every day life is great.

I started reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" to my daughter when she was just a few weeks old! We read the entire series, then "B is for Betsy" by Carolyn Haywood and now we've started "Little House in the Big Woods". And she knows that is our bedtime book, too!

Thanks for sharing!

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