Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tigger and the "Black Man"

If you know our family you know that we all love our library. Seriously, our library is the best one I've ever seen. There are many branches with a wonderful downtown main branch. And this library is always putting on interesting programs. So at the beginning of May the main branch had a big Star Wars program.

Another thing you should know (and this is painful to admit): Prince Charming is a very, very enthusiastic Star Wars fan. Oh, all right, I admit it: I am too. No we don't make elaborate costumes and go to conventions...yet. So, anyhow, we went to this thing at our library. It combined three of our favorite things: the library, Star Wars, and free. We took the girls and also my younger brother, aka "The Bear".

So after some fun for the girls coloring papers, making masks, etc (oh how we also love crafts!) it was time to head upstairs to the...ahem...costuming forum. (Remember I said we don't make costumes yet) Somehow Prince Charming and The Bear were not with me and the girls at that time. So I'm carrying Sweet Pea in the baby carrier and holding Polly and Tigger by either hand. We walk off the elevator and - this is not exaggeration - right into Darth Vader. A very realistic Darth Vader. A tall Darth Vader. A Darth Vader with realistic voice.

Tigger flipped out right there. Someday she'll go to therapy and I can hear it now, "It all started when my parents took me to Star Wars day at the library..." This was a meltdown of epic proportions. So for the rest of the next two hours she did not let go of me or her daddy. And she kept murmuring, "Don't like that black man". If you'd like photographic proof that we were there, that's Prince Charming and The Bear in the picture at the top. (Note that Tigger is not in the picture!)

So fast forward a week or two. Prince Charming and I are talking about going to the library, our regular branch, just to do our weekly book/music/movie pick up. And Tigger immediately starts yelling about "The black man".

So if you ever run into a short, two year old, bouncy red head screaming about "the black man", I assure you, it is not about race. It's about the danger of being born to geeky parents.

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