Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How Come?

Well, it finally happened. I actually told Polly she had met her "How Come?" limit today. Yes, I know: we're homeschoolers. We prize curiosity, truth-seeking and inquisitiveness. Right.

Goodness knows I don't like to exaggerate, okay, I occasionally remind myself to try not to exaggerate, but I must have heard the dreaded "How come?" 52,000 times today.

She's five so we've progressed from the equally dreaded, "Why?" phase but this "How Come?" phase is jumping on my answering-childish-questions-last-nerve.

Today, as my grandpa stood on my roof (a long story...) and my visiting from out of town sister played with the girls, I told Polly she had reached her "How Come?" limit. She had stepped over the "How Come?" line. She had maxed out her "How Come?" line of credit...you get the idea.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe she'll grow up to be a hard hitting, truth seeking journalist (do those exist any more?) and I'll be proud of the question asking skills she worked so hard to develop.

For now though, I've heard enough of "How Come?" Unless it's to ask: "How come she asks all these questions to me and not her daddy?!"

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Amy Jane said...

Yes, I'd argue the "hard hitting, truth seeking journalists" still exist.

They just take some looking for (and I don't actually mean that in the average, weary-of-our-world way).

I was a JRN major at Univ,and earned how to tell from the writing whether someone pushed or was a pansy.

It's a bit of a feeling/instinct now, so I haven't figured out yet how to describe it.

I will acquiesce I don't have enough chances to observe it to get beyond instinct to understanding...

Maybe someday ;o)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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