Friday, May 25, 2007

Frugal Fridays - Kids' Storage Idea

With the addition of our third daughter our little two bedroom home felt quite a bit smaller. The girls' room is very narrow and we formerly had a twin bed and a crib end-to-end on the far wall. Well, the wonderfully talented Prince Charming, along with a friend from our church, built the girls a new loft/captain's bed. The picture is posted here. It solved a lot of our space problem but we still had a storage problem. There just wasn't enough room for a dresser in there.

Solution? Re-purposed dresser drawers! We had an old chest of drawers (4) that didn't fit anywhere. We were considering just throwing it out but instead we decided to use 2 of the drawers under the girls' bed.

Prince Charming fitted each drawer with four wheels (casters). Now the girls keep their play clothes in these drawers which they can easily pull out from under the bed, even Tigger. The best part is they can easily push them back as well, which means that the only person in the house that can't put her own laundry away is Sweet Pea, and since she's only 3 months, we'll cut her some slack in that area!

As for the chest of drawers, Prince Charming turned that into a bookshelf, which is something else we always need! The other two drawers are in the basement, waiting their chance to be transformed into something useful. So something we had considered throwing out or giving away, has solved several problems for us. That's frugal to me!
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Sherry said...

Another clever use for drawers today! Repurposing furniture can save quite a bit of money.

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