Friday, May 18, 2007

Frugal Fridays - Grocery Budget

I believe the foundation of any frugal life is the family budget. Prince Charming and I do our monthly budget on the first day of the month, together. We've done this since the first month of our marriage and it's great to be on the same page financially.

Groceries are one big area that you can focus on if your finances are limited, like us. We budget a strict amount of money for each week's groceries (I shop once a week). But to be able to buy a bit extra if I see a great deal I also set aside "Stock-up" money. We use the envelope system so regular grocery money has an envelope and stocking up money has its own envelope. That way I know when I'm done stocking up for the month.

My goal is not to have an enormous stockpile, but to have groceries to eat at the best price. So you won't find 15 tubes of toothpaste in my pantry (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) but you will find my freezer full of bargain priced pork loin, cut up and prepared at home.

You can find more frugal living tips at Biblical Womanhood.


Anonymous said...

Your post made me smile because I probably have at least 15 toothpastes in my basement , thanks to coupons : ) Yesterday they had pork chops on sale for .99 lbs and I stocked up!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm my post was about stocking up on toothpaste. ;) I didn't buy 15 though, just 4!

Kim said...

Hi, Found your blog via Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood. I smiled about the toothpaste too because I have like 5 tubes that I got super cheap last week! :)


Karen said...

As I said, you won't find 15 tubes of toothpaste - I believe I currently have just 2. :) But if I ever find a great deal...

Rebecca said...

lol I just got a great deal on tooth paste. 2 large tubes of Crest for 50cents each! I'm with you though I stock up when something is a really good deal.

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