Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Did anyone tell me this?

O.k, I've been a mother for awhile now (Polly is 5 1/2) but there is one area of parenting I'm feeling like someone neglected to mention. Why is so much of my life right now focused on the...ahem...nether regions of my children?! Seriously, all of my children seem to be high maintenance in regards to "potty" issues.

Polly is, thankfully, completely trained, day & night. There wouldn't be any reason to worry about her in this area except for the fact that she's really susceptible to infections. We've just learned this in the past year. Our pediatrician finally sent Polly to get an ultrasound (my, that was fun...) but she has no internal physical problems. She's just sensitive, I guess.

Now, Tigger. Oh my word, this child does not want to be potty trained. I guess I'm feeling discouraged because it felt like I was doing nothing but washing small pairs of underwear last week. Which isn't strictly true, but it felt like it. Pull-ups, going free range, wearing "big girl" under-roos, we've tried it all - to little avail. She'll go and she's definitely proud of herself, she'll tell you - sometimes, but next thing you know it's back to washing everything in sight.

And Sweet Pea, darling Sweet Pea. This baby is the sweetest, happiest baby I've ever seen (o.k, since Tigger...). She is the light of our entire family's life right now, I'm not saying she isn't, but you would not believe the diaper I changed yesterday. She had the usual lovely orange mess (she's breastfed) but this time it was up to her arm-pits. I am not kidding. It was the blow out of the century. (I hope - because I sure don't want anything worse!) We actually had to carry her to the kitchen sink to hose her down as there was no way those cute little diaper wipes were going to cut it.

I guess I'm just venting a bit because of the past few days. I'm just wondering why no one told me 82% of my life as a mother would be dealing with bottom issues. So forgive this little whine and please excuse me, Tigger is calling from the bathroom and that is a call that cannot be ignored.

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