Monday, May 14, 2007

Bird Blues

Well, it's the day after Mother's Day which means... lots of chores to do! Yes, in the celebrating, adoration, and just plain chaos, I mean fun, of yesterday the chores have piled up to my eyebrows.

I actually mean that literally. Yes, we took a very quick trip to visit the in-laws this past week. We hurried to be home in time for bedtime Saturday night (Kingdoms may rise and fall but bedtime must be observed!). We did get the kiddos to bed but there wasn't time for much else. Read: we watched a taped TV program and then fell into bed.

So, thanks to the weekend away and the festivities of yesterday, the laundry is now, quite literally, up to my eyes. And I'm ready to tackle it but for one thing - every time I open the door to our basement (the wonderfully exciting place that our laundry equipment is located) I hear a frantic, persistent chirping. There is a bird in our basement (this is not the same thing as bats in your belfry).

Now I'm no bird hater. They're free to live in my trees, eat the worms in our ground, etc. We even put up a bird house for them to live in on purpose. So I think you'll agree that I'm not just a hater. But I cannot and will not share my laundry space with a bird. It's not happening. And as long as that thing is there we will not have clean clothes.

Of course Prince Charming is being very nonchalant about the whole thing. But laundry is not his chore - it's mine. And I'll be happy to get to that - just as soon as my basement is bird free.

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